Healthy Cancer Journey

Web design • UX design

Novant Health approached ABZ Creative Partners to redesign its quarterly, digital cancer newsletter, bringing it up-to-date with brand standards and web standards. The newsletter is digitally distributed to 13,000+ current and recovering cancer patients and aims to create a community and provide support along patients’ treatment journeys.

Each newsletter issue functions as a microsite, housing all articles and content. My role was to lead the design efforts and work directly with the developer to bring the site to fruition. Our developer designed the template in React, and I now maintain and update the newsletter content each quarter.

Healthy Cancer Journey microsite old brand

Problems with old site

  • Poor user experience — microsite isn’t mobile responsive, despite the last two years of data showing 60% of users are accessing on mobile/tablet
  • Very high mobile bounce rate (86%)
  • Confusing hierarchy and overwhelming presentation of content
  • Doesn’t reflect Novant Health’s updated brand guidelines


  • Make site responsive across all platforms to increase engagement and accessibility
  • Create a more visual and focused experience for the user
  • Update the styles to align with Novant Health’s rebrand

Low-fidelity DESIGNS

Healthy Cancer Journey sketches
Healthy Cancer Journey wireframes

High fidelity site prototype

I designed the prototype using HTML/CSS and then passed it off to our developer, who brought it into React.

Healthy Cancer Journey prototype

live newsletter site | Results

  • The mobile bounce rate dropped almost 10% once the new product was launched, indicating that users were spending more time interacting with the content.
  • The average mobile session duration increased nearly 35% – users were spending an average of 20 seconds longer on the site following the new product’s launch.
Healthy Cancer Journey microsite
Healthy Cancer Journey | Q2 Summer 2022
Healthy Cancer Journey | Q2 Summer 2022
Healthy Cancer Journey | Q2 Summer 2022
Healthy Cancer Journey | Q2 Summer 2022